The Story of Esdras: Child Malnutrition as a Social Condition


Carrasco, H., et al., 2019. The Story of Esdras: Child Malnutrition as a Social Condition, Harvard University: Social Medicine Consortium.


This case tells the story of Dr. Roblero, a newly-graduated Mexican physician working in the rural community of La Soledad, who cares for Esdras, a young boy suffering from chronic malnutrition and pneumonia. Dr. Roblero and a team of providers subsequently seek to address the structural determinants of malnutrition through numerous interventions including education campaigns, homestead gardens, and poultry husbandry. This case details the challenges they encounter as they explore novel ways to improve child nutrition in La Soledad.


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Teaching note authors: Carrasco, Héctor; Schmall, Alexandria; Perdomo, Clara; Villafañez, Melani; Flores, Hugo; Westerhaus, Michael
Last updated on 10/04/2019