Publications by Author: Abare, Marce

Guerra, I., et al., 2019. SALUDos: Healthcare for Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers, Harvard University: Social Medicine Consortium. Download free of chargeAbstract
The SALUDos program began in 2008 as a response to an influx of migrant seasonal farm workers (MSFWs) at a mobile medical unit serving homeless persons in Santa Clara County in Northern California. The program offered patients free and low-cost primary care services, linkage to resources, and advocacy.  As the farm workers involved in this program became more involved in their primary care, they advocated for evening hours, transportation, linkage to coverage programs, and health education resources to better understand their medical and psychological conditions. During continual modifications of the SALUDos program, the team sought to understand and address large-scale social forces affecting migrant health through interventions to mitigate health inequities.