The Case-Based Teaching and Learning Initiative at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health promotes the use of the case method to teach public health professionals. Many of the cross-cutting competencies articulated by the accreditation bodies and the Association of Schools of Public Health, such as communication, professionalism, strategic thinking and analytic problem-solving, involve the kind of skill and attitude development best achieved by case-based learning. We believe that case discussion, the centerpiece of case-based teaching, is best suited for the development of leadership and critical thinking skills in public health. 


  • Provide a library of high-quality cases from across the public health disciplines.
  • Provide a variety of resources for successful integration of cases into public health curricula.
  • Support  the development of case discussion leadership skills.
  • Increase understanding of the benefits of the case method for adult learners.
  • Support best practices in case-based teaching.