Publications by Author: Abdallah, Mouin

Abdallah, M. & Kane, N.M., 2014. Leadership and Strategic Planning at Ramses Hospital, Cairo (Parts A & B), Harvard Business Publishing: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health case collection. Available from Harvard Business PublishingAbstract

When Dr. Marwan started as director of Ramses Hospital in Cairo in 2008, charged by the Minister of Health with improving performance, he found the hospital had been neglected for decades. A Ministry of Health quality audit had recently given the hospital the worst score of the five hospitals designated as critical to the greater Cairo area. 

Dr. Marwan vowed that Ramses Hospital would come in first in the next round of quality audits. Without improving its quality scores, the hospital would be unable to pass the accreditation process required for hospital participation in a new universal social health insurance scheme. In addition—and just as critically—Dr. Marwan needed to develop a longer-term strategy for obtaining the considerable additional resources required to upgrade the long-neglected facility.