Publications by Author: Abo Kweder, Amir

Wispelwey, B., et al., 2019. Healthcare as Resistance and Right: Forced Displacement and the Quest for Health in Bedouin Villages in the Negev, Harvard University: Social Medicine Consortium. Download free of chargeAbstract

The Palestinian Bedouin of the Negev desert are a minority community within Israel, one that has experienced limits on its rights to land use and health access. The Bedouin claim of ownership of their ancestral lands is disputed by the state of Israel, which has attempted to condition access to state services, like health clinics, on the relinquishing of land claims. After the passage of universal healthcare in Israel in 1995, the Bedouin and their representatives developed a legal strategy to secure a right to health on their ancestral lands. This case explores this legal fight, the historical and health contexts of Bedouin citizens of Israel, the limitations of the law in pursuit of justice, and the role of community organizing in the struggle for fundamental rights to health. It highlights the concept of settler colonialism and the relevance of historical context when striving to secure health. Finally, it also emphasizes the distinction between public narratives about vulnerable populations from actors with power such as the State and the narratives of the vulnerable community populations themselves.