Publications by Author: Brittany Arnold

Arnold, B., Reis-Henrie, T. & Siegrist, R., 2021. Tackling Inequity in Cancer Care in Rural America, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Download free of chargeAbstract

In August of 2020, after a day treating patients, John McAdams, MD, gets ready to meet with a young couple from the community. He is excited to share the latest progress on his institution’s Cancer Treatment and Control Center, which is set to open in 3 years. The $230+ million project is something that Dr. McAdams has been building in his mind for years. Its brick and mortar location will strive to be a truly different cancer center that emphasizes population health alongside acute treatment. Cutting edge technologies and innovative public health initiatives working in tandem will close the gap between rural and urban cancer patient outcomes.

After decades of diligence, vision, and advocacy from John, Midwest Regional Health (MRH) has purchased the physical location of what will be a state-of-the-art cancer treatment and control center—a rarity for rural America. The site is on the main campus and will be connected to the inpatient and pediatric hospitals by tunnels to have the cancer center be better integrated into the continuum of cancer care than an outpatient center at a separate location. According to John, “The architects have worked very hard to make the center what we wanted…very welcoming and reassuring but intertwining all the workings of the various departments.”

However, with just three years before the grand opening, questions remain about how to structure the management of the cancer center relative to the medical center and the oncology service line, how to expand the research base in oncology, and how to drum up excitement and support in the community.