Writing a Teaching Note

A teaching note is an integral part of any teaching case, providing an overview of the case and the issues to be discussed as well as the "nuts and bolts" of how to spend class time.  

Teaching notes range from long narrative documents to shorter outlines, but generally contain the following:

  • Overview or synopsis of the case
  • The learning objectives of the case
  • Preparation questions, i.e., questions that have been given to the students to help guide their analysis
  • Roadmap for classroom discussion, with guidelines for amount of time spent on each section
  • Wrap-up/Summary
  • Board Plan, i.e., what should be put on the black (or white) boards of the classroom to help structure the discussion

For further information, refer to Guidelines for Writing a Teaching Note, and additional references below.  On this website, teaching notes are PIN-protected and generally available only to faculty and instructors.



Selected Resources for Teaching Notes